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ABOUT THE SYSTEM :- After recognition of four medical systems i.e. Allopathy (Western Medical System), Ayurveda & Unani (Ancient medical system) & Homoeopathy, Electropathy/Electro homoeopathy is also prevalent in India and other developing countries.

DISCOVERY :- The discovery of this medical system was made in the year 1865 by Italian Scientist Count Ceaser Mattei of Balogna (Italy). He was born on 11th January, 1809 at La Rocchella of Balogna (Italy). He was honoured by the pope as Count. He was also a Lt. Col. and Chief Magistrate. In addition to this he was also elected as “Member of Parliament”.

ORIGIN :- The invention of this medical system was sudden and by chance in the year 1865. Mattei was not a doctor by profession but he was a lover of nature. He used to go to the jungle in front of his house daily to observe the natural scenes i.e. trees, plants, shrubs etc. One day it so happened that while he was in the Jungle, rain storm appeared and many trees were uprooted and fell down on the ground. At that time he observed that a wounded dog who had many injuries on his body entered into a pit, where trees had fallen and washed his wounds in the water collected in the pit. The next day Mattei came in the morning walk etc. as a routine. He saw the same pet dog sitting in the same pit filled with water. After some time he disappeared.
That dog repeated this for a week and when Mattei saw him after a week the dog was 80% cured. Mattei thereafter examined the water of that pit and tree which had fallen there. He tried the water of that pit on many ailing persons as a medicine. These persons got relief from that pit water. Mattei then made further research on trees & plants and ultimately invented Electro-Homoeopathy, the fifth medical system adopting the formula of paracelsus theory according to law of nature. Hence the real inspiration for the invention of this medical system goes to his pet dog.

Mattei felt that our food is mostly vegetable kingdom and therefore, the diseases should also be cured by vegetable kingdom. With this idea he started his work for finding the details about the vegetable kingdom and at what stage they are good for medicines and what combinations of plants will come a particular diseases. He studied the other four medical systems also and found that every pathy lacks somewhere.

MEDICINES :- As the vegetable plants contain electric power, he prepared its medicines with spageric essences under Cohobation process without loss of Radio activity or ‘Od force’. At last he found 114 medicinal plants and herbs from which he prepared 60 medicines under seperate Pharmacopoeia. The medicines are divided into 9 groups and each groups are further divided in sub groups. The name of the groups are as under :-
Scrofoloso, Angiticos, Febrifugo, Canceroso, Venerio, Limfatico, Vermifugo, Pettorale & Electricities etc. MERITS OF ELECTROPATHIC MEDICINES :- Since Electropathic medicines are prepared only with distilled water and spageric essence obtained from medicinal plants, no iron, mercury, alcohol, Chemical substances and animal kingdom are used in the preparation of electropathic medicines. The merits (advantages) of electropathic medicines are as under :-
  • Electropathic medicines are unique, non-toxic, non-alcoholic, natural & harmless.
  • Electropathic medicines have no side and adverse effect at all on human body.
  • Medicines are very cheap and most suited for rural people who does not afford the costly medicines of other systems.
  • Any discomfort can be easily and quickly controlled.
  • Medicines are prepared with Cohobation process at normal room temperature (37ºC).
  • Patient do not require hospitalisation except surgery and emergency cases.
  • Purification of blood & lymph are the main objectives of electropathic medicines.
PRINCIPLE:- The Principle of electropathy medical science holds “Complexa-Complexis-Curantur”. The aim of the Principle being that our body is a Complex built up so only Complex remedy for Complex disease will prove worthy. Our body has also positive (+) and negative (-) charges and if the charges of the body is kept in steady state (equlibrium), would help in removing the diseases. There are different organs in body. Main unit is cell. Each celljoin up to form tissues & organs of a human body. Hence it is a complex process. That is why the treatment should also be complex. A complex remedy will cover up all the areas which have been affected, scientifically. Electropathy recognises human and plants as two complementary electronic configuration of natural system in which herbal plants act as a donar while human being as an acceptor. The root cause of any disease in human body is an imbalance in electronic potential in a specific organ/all parts of the human body.

DEVELOPMENT :- After death of Dr. Mattei, Electropathy was further developed in Germany. It has also been developing in other countries like USA, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Switzerland etc. In India it is being developed properly by NEHM of India, Janak Puri, New Delhi under the leadership/Principal Secretary Dr. Narendra Kumar Awasthy. He was also one of the Expert Members in both the Committees constituted by the Ministry of Health and F.W., Govt. ofIndia for the recognition of Electropathy. He has dedicated his life in the propagation of this herbal Oriented medical system Electropathy. Due to his efforts many starred and un-starrd questions for the recognition of the system were got raised through the M.Ps in the Parliament Pvt. Member Bills (Electropathy Recognition Bill) has also been introduced in the Parliament.

Due to his persistent efforts towards the promotion various courts have also passed the order in favour of electropathy as well as NEHM of India. In addition to this the Hon’ble Courts have also granted legal rights to NEHM of India and in accordance with court’s judgement. “NEHM of India may issue Diploma/Certificates and holders to such diploma/certificates are entitled to practise Electropathy System of Medicines on the strength thereof”. His sincere efforts and dedication, NEHM of India and Electropathy have arrived at a stage where it can establish a seperate identity in the medical systems as a complete disease system of medicines commenly known as fifth new medical system Electropathy/Electro homoeopathy which has seperate Pharmacopoeia.

Due to his efforts and dedication, he has been awarded several awards such as Electropathy Samrat of India, Mattei Ratna Award, Yugvir, Excellent and many other prestigious awards.On 05-05-2010 the Ministry of Health & F.W., Govt. of India also issued a notification / policy decision permitting NEHM of India for electropathy education and practice . Earlier the Ministry also authorised it for promotion, development & research of electropathy medical system.A bill for recognition of new medical system like electropathy is also consideration of the Government. Now electropathy / electro homoeopathy is regulated / governed by Ministry of Health & F.W., Govt. of India. Thus it can be said that the system has got its interim recognition and the recognition under Legislation / Act is remains which is likely to be introduced very shortly.