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H.O. :- C2C/123, Pocket-12,
Janak Puri, New Delhi - 110058

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Introduction :- Naturo Electro Homoeopathy medicos of india(N.E.H.M. of India), C2C/123,pocket -12,Janak Puri,New Delhi - 58 is an Organisaion first of its kind engaged in the promotion, development & research of Electropathy/Electro homoeopathy in the country since more than three decades under the authority obtained from Ministry of Health & F.W.,Govt of India. It has its own bye laws under which the electropathy medical system is being developed throughout India. Nearly seventy medical Institutes are providing electropathy education under the affiliation NEHM of India, New Delhi.

Dr. N. K. Awasthy is the Principal Secretary of NEHM of India which was one of the Expert Member in both of the Committees constituted by Ministry of Health & F.W., Govt of india for recognition. In addition to this Private Member Bill (Electropathy recognition Bill) has also been introduced in the Parliament. Several Parliament Questions have also been raised for recognition. What have been done by NEHM of India can be read in Achievements. All efforts of this rapid progress of Electropathy goes to Dr. N. K. Awasthy who dedicated his life in the propogation of this herbal oriented medical system “Electropathy”. Due to persistent efforts of Dr. Awasthy towards its promotion various Courts have also passed the orders in favour of Electropathy as well as NEHM of India in which the judgement of Hon’ble Delhi High Court dated 18.11.1998 is the historical and remarkable one. All students, doctors and the persons related with Electropathy Medical System are indebted to the Honble Court who ruled out the legal rights of Electropathy Practitioners registered with NEHM of India. In accordance with the Court’s jugdement, NEHM of India may issue Dipoma/Certificate and holders of such Diploma/Certificates are entitled to practice in Electropathy System of Medicne on the strength thereof. As such the Practitioners of Electropathy registered with NEHM of India are authorised to practice in the field as NEHM of India is the only Organisation authorised to issue certificates to the persons qualified therein.

Delhi Govt. & Union of India (Ministry of Health & F.W.) has filed an appeal (SLP) in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India challenging the order of Hon’ble Delhi High Court dt. 18.11.98. Upon hearing on 12.10.2000 the Division Bench of Hon’ble Supreme Court comprising Mr. Justice Anand (Chief Justice of India), Hon’ble Justice R.C. Lahoti & Hon’ble Justice Shivraj V. Patil has rejected the plea of Delhi Govt. & Union of India and finally on 24.11.2000 the Bench of the Hon’ble Court comprising Justice Rajendra Babu and B.N. Agrawal has declined to entertain the matter and SLP filed by petitioner (Delhi Govt. & Union of India) has been dismissed. The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India also maintained the statisquo of the order of Hon’ble Delhi High Court (FAO No. 205/92) dt.18.11.98 by which it has been ordered that NEHM of India may issue diploma/certificates and holders of such diploma/certificates are entitled to practise electropathy system of medicine.

On the direction of Allahabad High Court while deciding the matter 31904 of 1991 , the Hon’ble Court directed the Union of India to recognise BEMS course run by NEHM of India, New Delhi. Complying the above order , Ministry of Health & F.W., Govt. of India has issued a policy decision dt. 05-05-2010 stating therein that there is no proposal to stop the petitioner (NEHM of India) from practicing in electropathy or imparting education . It has been further stated that once the legislation to recognise new systems of medicine is ennacted , any practice or education would be regulated in accordance with the said Act. Vide this order Ministry of Health also accepted the authorisation of NEHM of India given by the formar Union Dy. Health Minister during 1991. Since the above order is not a PIL , it is applicable only to NEHM of India.

It may not be out of place to mention here that the practitioners of other unauthorised boards / societies have also filed a PIL in the High Court with the view to restrain the operation of policy decision dt. 05-05-2010 because Electropathy practitioners of other Board not covered under the ambit / purview of policy decision dt. 05-05-2010 issued by Ministry of Health & F.W., Govt. of India. Hon’ble High Court during the debate of arguments , found that said PIL was filed by petitioner on the basis of false averments and therefore, above PIL has been dismissed with cost. Therefore, now there is no confusion that NEHM of India is only organization is covered under the ambit / purview of policy decision dt. 05-05-2010 issued by Ministry of Health & F.W., Govt. of India.

Recently on 22-01-2015 while disposing of SLPs 29919/2011 and 23572/2009 filed by the petitioner associated with NEHM of India, Hon’ble Supreme Court of India ordered that … Learned Counsel for the petitioners submit that in view of the counter affidavit filed by the Union of India , to the effect that there is no ban on the medical practice of Electro Homoeopathy… It is also submitted that circular dt. 05-05-2010 is also on similar lines.

Therefore, there is no hurdle of any kind in the practice to the practitioners of electropathy having registered with NEHM of India, New Delhi order of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Today NEHM of India is controlling more than 70 Electropathy Medical Institutes where BEMS 4½ years certificate course education is being imparting to the students and qualified candidates are practicing Electropathy after getting registration certificates from NEHM of India, New Delhi.