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There are four medical systems viz. Allopathy, Ayurveda, Unani & Homoeopathy which are recognised by the Government of India. They had been under going their promotion, development & research before they were recognised by the Indian Government.

ALLOPATHY:- Allopathy is western medical system which finds its origin in India way back in the sixteenth century, when Jodhabai the wife of king Mohd. Akbar got burns from a lighting lamp. On the suggestion of a close confident that a new english treatment was developing in England and an English Doctor if called could treat the Maharani. King Akbar called English Doctors and he cured within 20 days with Iodine medicine. This led to promotion, development & propagation of Allopathy Medical System. This Medica system came under the Indian Medical Degree Act, 1916 only whereas Section 2 of the Indian Degrees Act 1916 clearly shows that this Act is applicable only to Allopathy Medical System. Ayurveda & Homoeopathy are not covered under this Act.

AYURVEDA :- Ayurveda traces its origin from Lord Brahma who was the father of Ayurveda medicines. Thereafter Dhanvantri developed Ayurveda and ultimately Ashwani brought it thousands years ago whereras the system got its recognition under the Indian system of Medicine (ISM) Act in 1970 only. So before 1970 all Ayurveda Institutes & thousands of Doctor were Practising Privately.

HOMOEOPATY :- Homoeopathy was discovered by Dr. S.A. Hahneman in Germany some time in eighteenth century and came in India. In the year 1839 when Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab was suffered from flue a kind of fever. He took Allopathy, Ayurveda and Unani treatments in vain. On the information of some well wisher that Maharaja Ranjit Singh approached the German Govt. for his treatment by the German Homoeopathy Doctor. Dr. Honyberger came to India in 1839 and treat Maharaja Ranjit Singh who later on died after three months of the treatment. Dr. Hahne Burger However, Stayed in Calcutta and developed homoeopathy. Consequently after 134 years (1839 - 1973) Homoeopathy was recognised by the Government of India through a Legislation i.e. Central Council of Homoeopathy Act, 1973. Before 1973 a large number of Homoeopathy Private Institutions were imparting education and awarding medical/diplomas and large number of Homoeopathy Practitioner were practising privately prior recognition though no Central/State Medical Act was applicable to them.
Today four recognised medical systems exist, there is no reason why fifth or for that matter sixth or seventh will not come ? Certainly the fifth will come and even sixth and seventh medical system will also come and get recognition. There has been no Act/Law which prevents/stops the new inventions/discoveries, their promotion and development of new medical system.

ELECTROPATHY : Electropathy is a new fifth medical system in India. Its medicines are purely herbal oriented, (it is spagric essence from medicinal plants, only), which are non toxic, non alcoholic, harmless with no side effects besides being cheap for the poor people.
Dr. Count Ceaser Mattei discovered Electropathy / Electro Homoeopathy in 1865 in Italy. It was later developed & accepted by the German Government in its Health Programmes. Electropathy is an independent and a separate medical system and has no relation whatsoever, with Allopathy, Ayurveda, Unani & Homoeopathy medical systems. Its Pharmocopoeia is totally different from those of these other pathies. There are about hundred Electropathy Institutions imparting four and half years medical education in the field of Electropathy System. After successful completion of the course the candidates get registration and practice in Electropathy Medical only. No legislation or Central Act could stop the promotion, development of any new medical system. Hon’ble Justice Banerjee of Calcutta High Court in his strongly worded decision has remarked that Govt. cann’t stop the development of new medical science (Electropathy) in India.
Hon’ble Justice Shivraj.V Patil , Judge, Supreme Court of India while unveiling the statue of the founder of Electropathy Dr.Count Ceaser Mattei in the premises of NEHM of India gave comment on electropathy that : Electropathy Medicines are quicker,safer & Cheaper. We must give importance of its medicines and efforts of Dr. Awasthy because he is struggling very hard with legal problems. One day the system become will first and main system all over the world, it is my faith.
Now Electropathy / Electro Homoeopathy is regulated / governed by Ministry of Health & F.W., Govt. of India in view of the policy decision dt. 05-05-2010 issued by Central Govt. stating therein there is no proposal to stop the petitioner (NEHM of India) to practice in electropathy and imparting education. Further it has also been mentioned that once the legislation to recognize new system of medicine is enacted , any practice or education would be regulated in accordance with the said Act. As such a Bill in this regard is also under consideration of the Government. It is hoped that the system will get recognition under legislative Act very soon.

Dr.N.K.Awasthy Principal Secretary- Cum- Chairman
NEHM of India,
Auth. Ministry of Health & F.W., Govt. of India (PDR)