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Elecropathy Medicines

We are glad to inform you that NEHM of India has made tremendous achievement in promoting Electropathy medical system and also in advancing its medicines (Dilutions, globules and patents) after considering all the factors needed for the purpose. After a lot of research by Electropathic doctors. All 114 medicinal plants and 60 more other plants are already approved world Encyclopedia. Electropathy Pharmacopoeia has already been submitted by the so called University and same has been submitted to the Ministry of Health & F.W., Govt of India for consideration very beginning .
As per the Hon'ble High Court directives only NEHM of India may issue diploma/certificates & the holders of such diploma/certificates are entitled to practice in Electropathy on the strength thereof . As such NEHM of India is fully Authorised to promote this system by manufacturing medicines in this field for the kind help to the practitioners registered with NEHM of India, NewDelhi. All Electropathy doctors are hereby cautioned that they should practice in electropathy system by prescribing electropathic medicines only.
As such NEHM of India has provided better medicines to all Electropaths. The new product of medicines are now available at the counter for use of common people . These medicines does not have any adverse effect . Beside cheap, it give quick relief to cure the disease from the root itself because no poison or chemical substance are used for preparing these medicines.
S1 to S12 (S Group)
Ven1 to Ven5 (Ven Group)
C1 to C17 (C Group)
A1 to A3 (A Group)
P1 to P9 (P Group)
L1 to L2 (L Group)
F1 to F2 (F Group)
Verm1 to Verm2 (Verm Group)
BE, GE, RE, WE, YE     (Electricities)
APP, SY, SLASS      
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