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Justice Shivaraj V Patil


In the first place, I want the blessings of Almightty to all those who remain in this system of Naturo Electro Homoeopathy Medicine. Dr. Awasthy, Dr. Ashok Sharma, Dr. Hemant Sethia, Dr. Tiwari Advocate, Mr. Awasthy Editor, Jaipur, Mr. Poojari and all the doctors delegates and distinguished entitles, ladies and gentlemen. I am deepty changed and overwhelmed by the respect shown to me right from the time I landed at airport in Bombay. This is the second opportunity to meet the people in the field of EH. The first one was at Jaipur when Mr. Tiwari, Senior advocate of Jalpur met along with Mr. Hemant Sethia and organised seminar at Jaipur and said that I must participate. I must frankly say, I myself did not know the details of the system. But I agreed to be at the seminar and I started reading about the system. I developed greater interest in it. Before I share my thoughts and what should be the programme, it should be achieved and it should be the useful purpose to serve. I congratulate Dr. Awasthy in this regard. The moment I say NEHM it reminds me of Dr. Awasthy, NEHM is equal to Dr. Awasthy. I am not praising nor expecting. It is the duty of the society to thank and appreciate in whatever field they contribute with dedication and devotion for the common man’s welfare. Dr. Awasthy who I can say is a dynamic motivating and inspiring person. Two more doctors I must mention Dr. Sethia and Dr. Ashok Sharma. In Jaipur when Dr. Sharma said you have to come one day to Bombay to participate in the seminar and gave the invitation. He said you have to come to bless because definitely they are all younger to me.

I appreciate the enthusiasm*1, the dynamism, the concern of all of you, not only the persons whom I have referred and all those whose names I have not referred that does not mean that they are less important. I do not think that any individual can make a society. It is the combination, collection and cooperative efforts of all the people, they make a society and they make a system, so I refer to everyone of you present here who are contributing to the good cause in this regard.

Today I do not wish to talk about Electro Homoeopathy, the subject as such. The reasons are two. All of you know better than what I do, so I need not say what Electro homoeopathy is, What is its history, who discovered it, who invented it how the development has been made. All these things and various kinds and development you all know. I do not propose to say and explain. It is no used talking to the people who already know about it. The second reason is what is required today is to speak about is the importance of Electro Homoeopathy, its utility to the society and how it should grow and what is your role in that I would like to concentrate and speak to you today.

As you know we have four recognized medical systems. Perhaps most of you know when Jodhabai was not well, at the invitation of the King, a doctor from England, or western country came and he cured. That incident made Allopathy very popular in this country, so much so that it become the main system and other medicines became alternative systems. I wish one day I wish very sincerely from the bottom of my heart, praying God one day such incident must take place, where Electro Homoeopathy must become the main or principal system and all others including Allopathy must become alternative systems of medicine.

I have no fear of contradiction. I do not speak anything out of fear or favour or nothing. I would like to speak if I am convinced about it, I am convinced about it, why Electropathy should have the principal place in this country . The reasons are :

The treatment by this system is Quicker, Cheaper and Safer, what more the patient wants. Quick relief. Cheaper, this country needs cheaper medicines and know that the large number of masses of this country are poor people.

Quicker - welcome, Cheaper - more welcome and Safer - obviously when it is safer everybody welcomes. If this system can answer such, three basic requirements, of being cheaper, quicker and safer, why should it not become the main system is the question. I would add that the people who are practicing Allopathy, I do not mean disrespect or condemn*1 other systems, let me be very clear. Those Doctors who are practicing Allopathy, Allopathy by itself is in combinations with other systems. All that I would like to say, I do not mean any disrespect to them, but what I would like- How do you distinguish ? Why the people who are engaged in the field of Electropathy or Electro Homoeopathy must distinguish. I would suggest to this organisation one thing. If others are saying that they are practicing their kind of medicine, as far as you are concerned do not say you are practicing, use the Word “Service”. Electro Homoeopathy is the service and not the practice.

If you are really engaged in service than practice the very attitude of a person, the very mental make up, If I start saying that I am carrying it as a job, or I am making it my livelihood for earning or I am practicing for earning money, the very mental make up and frame will be different. If it is the thought that I am engaged in service, Electro Homoeopathy medicine, your very concept goes to the service of human beings. So this service to the mankind has three adjectives, which I already said make you dearer to the common man. So please have in your mind, you are having EH service and not practice. Then we say nature and Electropathy and EH or Electropathy is a part of the nature itself according to me. We come from the nature, we are part of the nature and we ultimately merge in the nature. Right from the birth till the death, you have been the part of the nature and others as it is said, I have already said that I will not go into the details of the subject, I will only speak of the essence to the extent relevant to express my ideas. It is something wounderful you say that everything that your system requires for treatment you get from the nature itself and nothing more. Herbal you get from the plants - this system is plant oriented what you do, EH has been explained. After I attended the Jaipur conference, when I went back to Delhi, I had occassion to discuss with number of persons about the system. I am sorry to say that many of them do not know what exactly it is. Electropathy means is it related to electricity or is it electrically treated, may be some of them know, but, many of them do not know. In my view the simplest way of defining it is, this is the treatement where electro is energy extracted from the essence of the herbs or plants transformed to the body to maintain the equilibrium between blood and lymph. Pathy is the treatment, electro is the energy. Homoeo is ultimately the balancing or building equilibrium between blood and lymph. And how do you do that ? You do not mix up any artificial things, you extract the pure essence from the plants, use the distilled water again use a particular thing at 37 degrees temperature, prepare the essence and just deliver it for the purpose of curing the disease. When I was taken to the exhibition, there I was telling that this system is a wholesome system. That is how you said, from essence, you take and when you get from the nature, again the plant gets everything from the nature. In the introduction prepared by Dr. Achala, explained by Dr. Sharma, it is said that even the plants take water, fire, mineral everything they buy them and again extract them and produce and give it to requirement of a particular disease. So everything comes out of the nature. Just we have come across, today it is the day or almost it has become the fashion of the day you know- people sell their products by a powerful or through a powerful media, be the TV, be the print media or be the electronic media whatsoever. They are not actually and purely dealing with this. The common thing is either Vajradanti or Vico Vajradanti or some Vicco turmeric or something they use - herbal in the name of herbs and herbals, a lot of product are being sold in the market today. It only indicates the importance of the herbs and the herbals. But here is the system, you are all in and all out in it very much in the herb. This itself shows the importance of the system where it makes cheaper, quicker and harmless to any other body. But what is needed ? What is needed is there is a need to become effective medium to explain to the people, I have seen the Association at Bombay, you are also carrying so many camps, you are also meeting people, organising various seminars. The one like this. But what I would suggest today, electronic media is the most powerful and popular media and anything that goes on television and large number of people catch it and view it.

I know any system or anything does not grow in a day or two. Nothing happens within a short period. All right, one can get a great success or something only by lottery somebody becomes crorepathy by lottery. But if you want to achieve success in the system it does not happen in a day or two. For that people have to persuade for decades. And you know the First generation are the people in the beginning who take up any struggle, they have to sacrifice, they have to suffer but for the larger good of the coming generation. Dr Awasthy, Dr. Ashok Sharma and all those concerned, you are fighting the battle as the first generation. Do not be afraid, do not be tired, do not be hesitant. I am very clear in my mind and reminding the words of Swami Vivekananda. It is not the number that matters, even if there are handful*1, few people are there with determinatioin, dedication, unshaken faith in the cause you have taken, you can conquer*2 the whole world.

Unless you have got unshaken*3 faith in the system, yourself, how do you fight the battle ? You must confidence and faith, you must have determination to reach the goal, accordingly you have to work hard. If you have honesty, hard work and faith in the system, you shall definitely reach the goal set for yourself. Kindly do not be disheartened*4 if there is a delay. You require to have unshaken faith, sustained struggle and faith in the system. You will definitely reach the goal. Please have patience because Rome was not built in a day. We have to build brick by brick. We have to go step by step, I remember a famous statement in the context just I would like to say. We had of great national leaders, because of their sacrifice and suffering, we have become great democratic country. We are enjoying the freedom to-day as the free citizen of this country. One such great leader, Netaji Subhashchandra Bose, I remember to have read, I am not able to reproduce his exact words, but I will give the text. He was addressing in July 1945 to Azad Hind Fauz. He said “Comrades*1 follow me, we have to win freedom for the motherland I cannot assure you anything today, except suffering torture, trouble, thorns*2, but I will assure one thing let our drop of blood sacrificed for the country will get freedom to the motherland. Our future generation will enjoy the freedom. If my drop of blood can help to get freedom for the country, it was worth bleeding. That is why I said, first generation people, you take any family, coming from the humble beginning, the first generation person has to struggle very hard. When he achieves, his son already becomes the son of a rich man, or average man Grandson may become more. I remember somewhere I have read.

First generation People suffer they earn, they do something. The second generation people have the advantage of achieving some things. Similarty today you may have some trouble, but I look back to your struggle you have made substantial progress I can say from step by step, now you are engaged in promotion, development and research. Your promotion, development and research is recognised. But some more recognition has to come in the terms of law. Some more recognition has to come from the Government, I am conscious*3 of it. I am very happy to know, Dr. Awasthy believes in rule of law and every Indian citizen so long as we have adherence*4 to the constitution of India we must abide to the letter of law and spirit of law. There are so many methods to achieve, but a right method in the right way will get you the right result in the right time. You have been fighting a battle, battle on the right lines, of course, you have never taken law in your hands, you are waiting for appropriately acknowledging your rights.

If you are able to convince the rest of the world that these are the plus points in you, you are entitled to do it. And I have no doubt whatsoever you will get recognition from all quarters from where you are looking forward. No doubt about it why should let there be anything. Any reasonable mind, any rational mind, anybody who is really interested in good of the community and of the society, they cannot take an unreasonable attitude, I understand you know in every struggle in the society, there will be somebody, some group, some section may be they feel that you are making a road in their system or they may thinking they have got a parallel of conflicting*5 in them. Do not worry everybody is entitled to practice ones own system to serve to the society. For the sake of a few vested interests or somebody, not desiring to come up, you do not simply bother about them, ignore them. What should you do ? Not try to condemn them not try to disrespect them but adopt the theory of Birbal. You know what is Birbal’s theory ? Many of you know, I would just context halfy*6 remind you. Once akbar took a piece of paper, drew a line, he said, you make this smaller without rubbing or cutting the paper, what did Birbal do ? A riddle*7 for many, How can line become smaller without cutting the paper, without rubbing or erasing the line, What Birbal did ? As you know it was a smaller line, Birbal drew a longer line below it. I want your system, people engaged in EH to please draw a bigger longer line so that other lines automatically become small.

You have the determination to do it. You have the courage to do it. It may be a small number today. A day will come if you will readily satisfy these qualities your line will be a bigger line, not only a bigger line but a shining line. That will give a great contribution to the society. This I am talking not to please you not to support you but I am convinced that with these three qualities mentioned it will certainly do good to the people of this country, particularly poor man that is the reason why I am in favour of supporting and talking so much good about it. And such seminars as Dr. Awasthy and all doctors present here and all those concerned with this system you are going to deliberate in the afternoon after this inagural session, I wish you discuss very frankly without any reservation whatsoever, it is your own body. I am sure an honest and frank discussion will produce the result very well. The seminar must be of great quality and utility. It should not be just a gathering at Bombay. You have come different parts of this country. Many of you have already from Bombay some of you have already seen Bombay. Some of you must have come for the first time to Bombay. Bombay is very big city but your purpose is bigger than Bombay. That is why what I wish is first you participate usefully discuss in the seminar, take some message from this by common wisdom*1, thereafter go around Bombay and go back to your place. Your enthusiasm on right line in right direction will go a long way. I have experienced in life and those who are determined to work hard on the right line for a sincere purpose are bound to succeed. There is no doubt about it whatsoever. That is my experience in life, I comment to you, please follow absolutely there should be no difficulty to do it. Then I have know as I said, I looked the matter at Jaipur seminar yesterday while looking in the filght, I have time while flying from Delhi to Bombay, I went through certain information on literature, I was shown some charts yesterday. How far each vital organ of the body, its preventive, curative, protective also. Not necessary that those who suffer only must start taking. There are certain essences, certain products, I was just going around in upstairs in the exhibition, I think this one such thing is MEMOTONE, I thought I must purchase one and start using from today, because it is very much required for lawyers and judges and this is required for and is good for everybody. So such harmless useful essence you have in the field of EH. I think this will go a long way in helping everybody. Any you have shown tremendous amount of consistency*2 and I am seeing people sitting full in the hall and they have taken lot of pains in their seminar in Bombay. Your enthusiasm will certainly bring you good dividend and I wish you all well and great success in your practice - service. It is a great movement in the country. To convert this EH for the good of the common man, I wish you all well, my good wishes are there, I sincerely pray God to give success in all your endeavors and attempts. Let the seminar do well and you will serve the common man of the country in a great way.

Thank you ! Jai Hind.