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Liver Treatment

Liver Tone - E (Special)
Liver is one of the important organs ofthe body often referred as Laboratory of the body. Liver Tone - E (SPECIAL) is a specially formulated tonic for the healthy maintenance of liver functioning. It is pure herbal based dietary supplement for healthy liver and the cure for all disorders of liver like Hepatitis, Jaundice, Cirrhosis of Liver, Liver enlargement, loss of Appetite, indigestion etc. Its most important use is as a dietary supplement for regular alcohol users, for the maintenance of healthy liver functioning. Its efficacy has been proved in all the acute and chronic Liver disorders.
Treatment Case history*
A female, 40 years of age, resident of New Delhi, India was Suffering from Hepatitis. Her Pathology test reported were :
DATE - July 18th 2004  
Total Bilirubin - 7.5 mg/dl (Normal Value-01-1.0mg/dl)
SGOT-970 IU/L (Normal Value-5-34IU/L)
SGOT-1090 IU/L (Normal Value 0-40 IU/L)
Electropathy Herbal Treatment was started on the same day which included Liver Tone - E (special), Synthesis Drops, Linfatico-2. The progress in her cure as reflected in the following pathology test report was:
DATE - July 25th, 2004  
Total Bilirubin 5.75 mg/dl
SGOT 54.8 IU/L
SGPT 80.0 IU/L
The same line Treatment was continued and the complete cure reflected in the further test report was:  
DATE - September 16, 2004  
Total Bilirubin 0.9 mg/dl
SGOT 18.01 IU/L
SGPT 20.0 IU/L
The Treatment is continued  
Liver Tone-E(special)-Has pure extracts of herbs(medicinal plants)such as Bhumi Aamlaki, Macoy, Kalmegh along with 14 other medicinal plants.(vegtable Kingdom)

The healing power of Electropathy herbal supplements/medicines is evident from many more cases like the one listed above. These herbal formulations are pure extracts of herbs and so do not have any adverse effects (no side effefts, so far proved

EIectropathy is the herbal oriented New system of Medicine developed by Dr. c.c. Mattei of Bologna, Italy.

EIectropathy herbal medicines/dietary supplements are cheaper, quicker and safer